elements ‘threatening’ wellknown of education in Nigeria-Pastor Odunoye

There are sturdy symptoms that the schooling area in Nigeria is being ‘threatened’ via societal values that region extra emphasis on money and materialism to the detriment of schooling in the u . s ..This has through the years ‘threatened’ the usual of schooling and brought about a situation in which the economic system of the us of a is below serge, as there appears to be shortage of value- introduced teachers, as opposed to people who are worshiping money and materialism.The complete united states of america is feeling the brunt, due to the fact there are shortages of certified teachers at the number one, secondary and university levels, leading to scarcity of experienced and tested administrators to man strategic positions on the nearby, state and federal tiers in Nigeria.Pastor George O. Odunoye, executive Director, St George businesses of schools, positioned at Ashimolowo bus-stop, along the Lagos-Abeokuta limited-access highway axis of Ifo in Ogun kingdom, dropped those hints at some stage in an interview with our correspondent yesterday at his office.This writer notes that the faculty has palms- St George foundation faculty and St George comprehensive university.speaking on whether or not or not, the standard of schooling in Nigeria is dropping, Pastor Odunoye, said the standard continues to be the identical, but that a few critically elements have over the years contributed to the deal with within the schooling area.His phrases: “inside the past, instructors and traditional rulers were loved and respected, seeing that they have been regarded as educated and consequently properly informed”.but, these days, the rise of moneybags and the following worship of cash, which has emerge as societal values that aren’t proper, has committed education, merit, handwork to the heritage, he said.Odunoye, a former journalist with The father or mother newspaper, lecturer and an advertising consultant, similarly explained that most teachers in public colleges are educated and qualified, but are not doing their jobs, due to negative manage system and vulnerable supervision.”Ifo nearby authorities area in Ogun nation, wherein my school is constructed, has over a thousand private colleges. some of the faculties are registered and accredited via the federal authorities, the diverse exam bodies in addition to the nation government, at the same time as others aren’t”.”sure, some non-public faculties, in an try and compliment of the efforts of presidency at numerous levels in preserve and even surpassing the standard of education within the usa, do rent non-training graduates, who may be molded and oriented to in shape into the schooling quarter”, he said.His phrases: “permit me tell you the truth that most students do not like to select education courses for his or her first selections and this has over time led to shortfall within the quantity of trained and certified teachers in the us of a”.therefore, there’s nobody to educate aspirant accountants, scientific medical doctors, engineers, enterprise men and women, directors, and so forth, and the economic system of the united states of america is suffering.in keeping with him, maximum A-list non-public faculties all around the usa, have the centers, while the public faculties have trained, certified instructors and each the non-public faculties ate regulated by the ministry of schooling at diverse levels.In my school, subject and the fear of God, now not the worship of money are the watchwords, and we do now not compromise on those.